Appearances: Jagged Alliance, Jagged Alliance: Deadly Games. Nonplayable and deceased in Jagged Alliance 2.


"Agile and able, slippery and swift, Johnny Edwards has managed to slither into range unnoticed, sight up tp his unsuspecting target, then disappear before the smoke dissipates, time after time, mission after mission!" - Jagged Alliance

"Old Mister Reliable is what they called him. Getting in and out without anyone knowing he was there was what he did best. Regrettably, all that is written on his tombstone in Maupaa is "Casualty of War". Snake died a victim of unnecessary diplomacy in an event which led to the court martial of Alan "Spam" Webster. While Webster negotiated the peaceful surrender of their weapons with a group of natives, Snake took a bullet from one of them, right between the eyes." - Jagged Alliance 2 Alumni Gallery


Jagged Alliance

Deadly Games



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  • Possesses the hidden "Stealthy" trait, granting him a bonus to keeping quiet while moving in stealth mode.


Jagged Alliance

  • "Hell ya, I'll join!" - On hire

Deadly Games

  • "I'll join!" - On hire
  • "I'm the guy you want! Trust me!" - on call
  • "Remember to keep your head up and your eyes open out there!" - On call
  • "Not Ice! We've been through hell together. He saved my butt in Kampoa!" - Ordered to shoot Ice

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