"Leader of the Montana Constitutional Militia. Believes he is fighting for the maintenance of individual rights and freedoms. Espouses a return to the way the forefathers of America lived. Will kill anyone who stands for big government, or technological advancement." - Intercept dossier

Appears as an imposingly large but otherwise innocuous looking man named Jasmin, found on the street.

In reality is "T-Rex", a target on Carmen Dancio's list of wanted terrorists.


Randomly in the following sectors: B2, G1, F9, H2, H14



  • Has a very high strength, and if engaged at close range, will quickly run up and steal the nearest merc's weapon with near 100% chance of success. If the weapon is a knife, he will use that on you, otherwise he will go on to attempt to beat the merc to death.


  • "Like this place, yep. Return to values. None of this high-tech stuff."
  • "Yeah, yeah. Gotta move on."
  • "Guns aren't really my style. Nope, no."
  • "Knew you were a fed!"
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