Janno "Brain" Allik is a new Mercenary introduced in Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire, hireable via A.I.M..

Official description

"Janno: a born Estonian with a German mother. Spent most of his time with the Russian military. Likes to cook for friends and enjoys the good life. But is top fit, a bear of a man, prefers heavy weapons. Locks are no problem and no obstacle."

Additional info

  • Prefers to work together with fellow Estonian Vilde, who he met while stationed in East Germany.




  • "I have to reload. But with WHAT?" when ammo runs out
  • "Even a sniper could not hit that. Oh! Now I am a sniper, too?" when tasked to hit an impossible target
  • "They want me...VERY much." (suppressed)
  • "Maybe I should have followed in the footsteps of my father... canning animal food is a nice, quiet job." (witnessing violent deaths or corpses)
  • "She deserved that." after killing Doreen Harrows
  • "The sector is occupied... by the enemies...time to change that." when arriving in enemy sector
  • "What is that there?" when spotting item
  • "My weapon always speaks the last word!" after killing an enemy
  • "One more gone." after killing an enemy
  • "I like her. American women are usually... well... But with Grace?. You can know right away her Italian blood - and they know their food too." - praising "Grace" Girelli.



Liked by


Disliked by

  • None


  • Also works well with Grace, who loves his cooking and attitude.
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