James Bullock, best known as Skyrider, is a helicopter pilot from Drassen, Arulco. He fled from Drassen to hide from the Queen, and to keep from being recruited into the Army. His location isn't exactly the same in every new game, but finding him shouldn't be too difficult as he is always hiding in a swamp sector near Drassen.

Associated quests

Usefulness as a squad member

Skyrider will join a squad as a member until you drop him off at Drassen. He is pretty useless as a fighter however and cannot be given any items. This makes him dead weight.

Your Own Pilot and Helicopter

When found and escorted to the city, he'll make a deal to transport you via chopper to any sector in the country, for cost. The helicopter travels very swiftly, able to cross the entire country in a few short hours.

He won't land in sectors occupied by enemy forces, but will report on any enemy activity he spots, and land you as close to possible to occupied sectors if told to do so.

He charges $100 for each free sector and $1,000 for each sector covered by one of the SAM Sites scattered around the country.

Despite being willing to fly into sectors covered by SAM Sites, his helicopter can sustain damage as it flies over. If it takes too much damage, the trip will abort and he will automatically fly back to the nearest helipad without dropping you off or picking anything up. Once he lands, you won't be able to take the helicopter back into the air until it is repaired.

v.1.13 only

An option to allow Skyrider to drop your troops in enemy sector, either in the middle or at corners.

An option to reduce his confirmations for those who might find him a bit anoying.



  • After your first flight with Skyrider, there will be a cut-scene in which Elliot informs Deidranna (or rather, Deidranna forces Elliot to inform her) that you have acquired a helicopter along with Skyriders services. It ends with him getting slapped in the face.
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