He is the owner of the junkyard in Estoni, father of Kevin "Maddog" Cameron and a buyer and seller of junk items. Items like silver platters, watches, porn, booze, walkmans and portable tvs can be sold to him at better cost than any other trader in Arulco.

Can be persuaded to sell you gas by Breeham "Shank" Druz, which will allow Skyrider to use Estoni as a chopper pad, if the airspace is clear.

One of the few shop properitors who are available for trading 24 hours a day - during the night he can be found in his bedroom, and evidently doesn't mind people bothering him while he's asleep.

  • A good, reliable source for Glass Jars, Medical Kits and First Aid Kits (generally used, but can be combined to make full ones), Canteens and Break Lights.
  • Has a very limited selection of firearms and ammunition, restricted almost entirely to pistols and revolvers. Also carries knives.
  • Oddly enough, will not display any reaction if Maddog (his son) is killed, even if the boy dies right in front of him.


Estoni , Sector I6



  • "Name's Jake. Jake Cameron. Careful where you step. Got all kinds of crap around here."
  • "Ya ain't to far from the capital, ya know. Ya marching towards her. You show Deidranna good. Ya kick her ass for all of us."
  • "Take a look around. Got plenty of stuff. A lot of abandoned vehicles. No one's had much use for them since the Queen began rationing fuel. Just sorta sat around 'til they turned to junk and got hauled down here."
  • "All righty. You need stuff, you know where to come."
  • "Have yourself a look. Lemme know if anything catches your fancy."
  • "All righty. Let me have a look."
  • "Tell me what ya want first."
  • "Yep, I can move this. I'll give you a good price."
  • "She's a done deal. Need anything else?"
  • "Hey! You left stuff here."
  • "Sorry. I only deal in junk, if you know what I mean."
  • "Back to see Jake again, huh?"
  • "I see ya got that Breeham Druz workin' with ya. He's a good lad. His parents could use a couple of bullets to the head though. I guess you guys are truthworthy after all..."
  • "Ya know, if you're looking for fuel, I'd be one of the few places in the country where ya can get it. Got myself a nice little black market going."
  • "Well... Ya know how it goes. Ya start with a couple of things and next thing ya know..."
  • "Ya don't mess with the junkyard dog!" - When provoked
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