MAP 1/2

Map 2/2

Quest - Warehouse 14
Quest Pickup - Grumm Industrial Park (J1) (Fredo)
Quest Location - Roadblock (D22 Map2) Stakeout Post (E19 Map2)
Quest Finish Point - Hospital (G15) (Willis)

You need to go to the Roadblock and Stakeout post and at both of those places you can find 6 Medical Supplies that are marked "Dr. Willis medical supplies" they look just like the normal medical supplies, so make sure you look at the name of the items. Once you have 10 of them return to Willis at the hospital. He will reward you with 2 Large Medikits, 3 Medikits, 1 Bandages and 1 Syringe, If you speak to him again he will give you the Chemical Warfare quest. You can also now purchase from the Nurse in the hospital, sadly most people at this point will have no need for her medical supplies and she only has $500 to sell to.

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