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Intercept's Most Wanted 5

Quest - Intercept's Most Wanted #5
Quest Pickup - Cambria (I15) (Carmen)
Quest Location - San Mona (D8)
Quest Finish Point - Cambria (I15) (Carmen)

Hiding in a bar south of the club, he is a tough one, so unless you use a good mele merc, i suggest taking a whole squad, or, exploiting the game by throwing a grenade near him before talking to him, taking his health down and then talking to him and killing him when he is already weak.

TIP: if you have a spare Merc, leave them in cambria while you do these quests so, when you complete it you can instantly get the next quest instead of walking back and forth wasting game time.

BUG: when talking to Carmen to finish the quest and get the reward the only button it allows you to press is the negative talk option, but it still gives the positive outcome.

Intercept's Most Wanted 5 Bug

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