Help Carmen Dancio get the heads (literally) of a few wanted terrorists who are allegedly hiding in Arulco.


Carmen will strike a deal with the first merc in your squad he encounters, and offer you half of the bounty for any terrorists you capture for him.

He will hand you a diskette containing information on the terrorists you're to try to find, and after explaining that they're not wanted alive, will hand you a Machete and ask you to bring him their heads as proof.

The info is copied into your laptop for reference, though the diskette remains in your merc's possession and can be of use elsewhere.

Heads can be removed by using any bladed weapon (including the machete) on a corpse's head. A terrorist's head will become a special unique item which can then be given to Carmen, otherwise a head will be noted as a generic "severed head". If the victim had its head blown off by a critical headshot or its body was destroyed with explosives, there will be no head to collect, and without proof of the kill the reward will be lost.

After turning the head in, Carmen will tell you to meet him in one of the bars in Drassen in 24 hours to get your share of the money. The take on each individual bounty is $20,000, of which your share is $10,000.


The terrorists on the list can be found in various towns of Arulco, but not all of them necessarily appear in a single game. Only Sammy "Charlie" Elgin is always present and in the same location.

  • The diskette can be turned over to Richard "Slay" Ruttwen, one of the targets on the list, to convince him to enter your service for a week in exchange for safe departure from the country.
    • Carmen, for obvious reasons, does not like this and will attack you if he sees him in your party. Even if you keep him in another sector, Carmen will still mention he has "heard rumors" and will refuse to take any more heads until and unless you bring him Slay's within 24 hours. Since Slay may have already left your service (and Arulco) by this point, this can mean losing out on any remaining bounties. To collect all the bounties while still enjoying Slay's full week of service, be sure to strip, shoot and decap him on his last day.

Try to be punctual when Carmen tells you when and where to meet him to pick up the money. If you dawdle for too long, he'll disappear, taking the money with him.


$10,000 for each terrorist's head.

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