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"On Target Killer Profiles! Not affiliated with A.I.M." — I.M.P.
The Institute for Mercenary Profiling (I.M.P.) is an organization that allows commanders to contract the exact personnel they need. Its first appearance is in Jagged Alliance 2. All they have to do is input their requirements and they are given a list of compatible mercenaries from their database.

The player uses the I.M.P. site to build a custom mercenary character for use in the game. The commander can only do this once and the whole process costs $3000.

I.M.P. mercs have no upkeep cost over the course of the campaign, and hold no relationships with any and all other mercenaries and recruitables. It is loosely implied that the I.M.P. merc functions as the player's in-game avatar or stand-in (also known as AE = Alter Ego), though there is no penalty if an I.M.P. merc is killed, and an I.M.P. merc can be fired at any time without consequence, fanfare or fuss.

This concept is not held fast to, however, as the I.M.P. mercs will speak directly to the player, addressing them as "Commander", during the game's ending sequence.

If you ignore I.M.P.'s offer, in a few days, they'll send you another letter with manipulatory language trying to persuade you. Since it's an affordable price for a major gain in the early game, there's really no reason to not take them up on their offer.

Creating mercenary Edit

Jagged Alliance 2Edit

An email from I.M.P. is one of the first messages the player finds in their email inbox. Reading the message allows the player access to the I.M.P. website in the "Web" section.

On the homepage is a prompt for a code (given in the email received earlier) that will allow the player access to the site's features. The code is XEP624. Enter it and click "Begin" to proceed.

The profiling process takes you through several pages of forms and questions, the end result of which is the creation of your customized mercenary.

I.M.P. basicinformation

Basic information Edit

You must provide basic information about your character (name, optional callsign and gender).

Name: Character's Name
Nickname: Nickname or "callsign" for your character that is displayed in-game. If a Nickname is not entered, your character's first name will be used.
Gender: Male or Female

Personality Quiz Edit

The personality quiz contains 16 different multiple-choice questions. Your answers to these questions will be used to determine your custom characters's skills, attitude and personality traits. For example, a custom mercenary may get night ops/stealth skills, an aggressive attitude and a psychotic personality trait.

Question #1

"When you were young, you most wanted to be:"

  1. Bruce Lee (Martial Arts)
  2. None
  3. Hand to Hand combat
  4. Lock Picking
  5. Throwing
  6. Optimism

Question 2 - 1. Teaching 2. None 3. Psycho Personality 4. Friendly personality
Question 3 - 1. Lock Picking 2. None 3. Stealth 4. Normal personality
Question 4 - 1. Automatic Weapons 2. Friendly Personality 3. Normal Personality 4. None 5. None
Question 5 - 1. None 2. None 3. Aggressive Personality 4. None
Question 6 - 1. None 2. Night Ops 3. None 4. None 5. None
Question 7 - 1. Electronics 2. Knifing 3. Night Ops 4. None
Question 8 - 1. Ambidextrous 2. None 3. Optimistic Personality 4. Psycho Personality
Question 9 - The answers to this question have no effect on skills/personality.
Question 10 - The answers to this question have no effect on skills/personality.
Question 11 - 1. None 2. Teaching 3. Aggressive Personality 4. Normal Personality 5. None
Question 12 - 1. Martial Arts 2. Knifing 3. None 4. Automatic Weapons 5. Hand to Hand combat 6. Electronics 7. None 8. None
Question 13 - 1. None 2. Normal Personality 3. Normal Personality 4. None
Question 14 - 1. None 2. Normal Personality 3. None 4. None
Question 15 - 1. Throwing 2. Ambidextrous 3. None 4. None
Question 16 - The answers to this question have no effect on skills/personality.

Attributes Edit

You start with 55 points for every attribute and several bonus points. Every attribute can range from 35 to 85.

  • Physical attributes, such as health or dexterity, cannot be lower than 35 or higher than 85.
  • Skills, such as the Medical and/or Mechanical skills, are set to 0 when you attempt to set it lower than 35. The character cannot use a skill he has a 0 in. You gain 15 bonus points for setting a skill to 0. In unmodified versions of Jagged Alliance 2, there is no way for a merc with skill 0 in any ability to ever improve that skill, so care should be taken when making this decision.

Portrait Edit

There are several portraits to choose from. In the mail, I.M.P. will 'analyze' your selection of portrait and voice, but it only decides the body type of your merc.

Male Edit

Female Edit

Voice Edit

Three distinct voices are available for each gender, each with their own personalities, ranging from passive to sadistic.


Every AE will receive a Steel Helmet, a Flak Jacket and a Canteen.

I.M.P in JA2 Version 1.0 Edit

In version 1.0 of the game a faulty programming allows the player to max out all status points to 85.

To do this, you will have to go through the mercenary creation process, distribute all currently available status points and then decline the payment at the end of the process. Then go to the options menu, return to the starting screen of the game and start a new game and re-enter I.M.P. All distributed status points will remain while you will be again granted 55 points to distribute. This can be repeated until all status points are maxed out.

Alternatively programs such as "Cheat Engine" can be used to modify the status points at the stat point distribution screen. This allows you to input any value from 0 (min.) up to 100 (max.) for all attributes. To do this, simply search for the value "50" in CE, then add 1 point to each of the attributes and check on the CE screens, which values have changed. Double click those and change the value to what you desire (i.e. 100). Then continue with the process and your mercenary will have every attribute at 100. Values above 100 will result in the respective attribute being shown and handeled by the game as if it had 0 points in it. If this happens to the health attribute your newly bought mercenary will appear dead on screen.

Changes in Unfinished Business Edit

Activation code: GP97SL.

Voice Edit

There is a new voice for both genders.

Personality and Traits Edit

Traits are selected rather directly. You can select among one or two of available traits. Note that selecting one will make him/her be an expert (except ones like "Camouflaged"), and you can even give no traits to your merc (but not recommended).

However, when personality is concerned, you are forced to have only normal mercs when you are starting fresh. Otherwise, his/her previous personality is inherited.

Attributes Edit

Every attribute can now range from 35 to 90.


Every AE will receive a Steel Helmet, a Flak Jacket and a Canteen. In contrast to the original every AE will get a Calico M950, which is completely independent of what Marksmanship the character has. Everything else is as in the original Jagged Alliance 2. As the Player is now able to choose the Skill Camouflaged, the AE will get a Camo Kit, if he chooses to do so. This was already possible in the original version, but the skill wasn't obtainable via the IMP quiz.

Changes in Wildfire Edit

Activation code: CIA003.

Personality Quiz Edit

Personality quiz has different questions than in Jagged Alliance 2.

Portrait Edit

The first and the sixth portraits are gone, replaced with new ones.

Changes in version 1.13 Edit

The player can choose to create multiple IMP mercs, the maximum number depends on the game setting. The maximum possible is 6, corresponds to the amount of possible voice options.

Following Unfinished Business, there is no longer a quiz. The Unfinished Business' functions are also expanded, now the player can directly choose the abilities, traits, and weakness for the IMP merc.

In addition, the IMP merc's ingame appearance can be modified. This includes the hair and skin color as well as the shirt and pants. For male characters, there is also an option for 'big body' appearance as well as alternate weapon firing animation for such character.


"I'm not a mercenary, but I play one on TV. IMP's quick and accurate profiling service gave me exactly what I needed...and expected." - C. Brawnson.

"While I found IMP's services tailored to the Merc, technicaly we are still investigating their involvement in alleged ilegal activities." - J. Reneault.