Igor Dolvich is a mercenary appearing in Jagged Alliance 2 and its expansions. He is Ivan Dolvich's nephew. Admiring his uncle, Igor joined A.I.M. to follow Ivan's footsteps.

Official description

"Following in his uncle's footsteps won't be easy for Igor. His uncle Ivan Dolvich is legendary. Igor may be new to A.I.M. but he is by no means new to armed combat--he developed his abilities for stealth while in action in Chechnya. Most importantly, his bloodline speaks volumes about his potential. Igor and Ivan are already being referred to as the Russian "I-Team." - A.I.M. Dossier

Additional info

  • Russian accent.
  • Has had plenty of exposure to alcohol due to the horrors of war, though not as much of a drunk as Larry. 
  • Uses odd expressions, which sometimes come off as strange and funny.
  • Admires his uncle, Ivan, but probably lacks the fortitude and discipline to be like him.
  • His affordable rates and good physical stats makes him a good choice for the opening game.




  • MP-443 Grach
  • Knife
  • 9mm Mag
  • RU 106 Vest
  • Holster




Liked by


  • None

Disliked by


  • "You barely have enough money to buy a good bottle of scotch, nevermind pay for my services!" - insufficient funds
  • "These soldiers are soft, and not used to self-sacrifice!"
  • "Barbaric! As Tolstoy wrote... war, what is it good for?" – rotted corpse/gory kill
  • "My uncle would be proud. I will soon be asking same price as the great Ivan!" – fee increase
  • "It is like our work is unfinished. The enemy takes cover under carpet." - enemies in hiding
  • "Our Enemies are defeated and disgraced!" – sector clear
  • "Game over man! Game over!" – multiple enemies spotted
  • "I do not like the sound of... whatever that sound was" – suspicious noise
  • "Grunty is good enough to be a Dolvich, I think." - praise quote
  • "My uncle makes me proud to be a Dolvich!" - praise quote


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