A mercenary hirable from A.I.M., appearing in every Jagged Alliance game ever since.

Jagged Alliance & Jagged Alliance: Deadly Games

A.I.M. Dossier - Jagged Alliance

"A longtime member, Ice Williams has been primarily used as a sniper since joining the organization. Undaunted by the prospect of working for those of unknown reputation, he instead prides himself in helping those new to the mercenary game establish themselves."

A.I.M. Dossier - Deadly Games

"A longtime member, Ice Williams has been primarily used as a sniper since joining the organization almost nine years ago. "Casual" is probably the word that best describes this nonchalant soldier for hire. "Lethal" would be another."


Jagged Alliance Deadly Games
9mm Beretta 92F .357 Magnum
Knife Knife
Sun Goggles Sun Goggles
3-pocket Assault Vest 3-pocket Assault Vest
Radio Radio

Additional info

  • As his JA1 bio suggests, he's one of the few decent mercs willing to hire on, on Day 1.

Jagged Alliance 2 & Wildfire

A.I.M. Dossier

"The Iceman is back. After a short yet disastrous stint with one of our competitors--and we use that term loosely-Ice gained insight and wisdom on the merits of dealing with a professional organization. Williams owes a debt of gratitude to Magic for getting him reinstated."
"Additional Info: His weapon of choice are automatic guns."

Additional info

  • Cool, laid-back, patient and friendly.
  • Never gets overly excited. He's always got it covered.
  • Lives life for the moment, by the moment.
  • Conversation has a street corner, rather than combat zone, feel to it.
  • Ice's patience and friendly demeanor make him an ideal instructor.
  • It can be inferred from his JA2 bio (worked for a competitor) and his JA1 bio (loves helping the new guy) that he spent a short (very short) time working for M.E.R.C.



# JA2 # 1.13
1 Thompson M1A1
- .45 ACP SMG mag -
1 Steel Helmet - -
1 Kevlar Vest - -


  • "Happenin'!" (all games)

Jagged Alliance

  • "Sure dude! I'm itchin'... I'm due... and I'm ready!" - On hire

Deadly Games

  • "I'm itchin'... I'm due... I'm in!" - On hire
  • "Don't let all the blood and guts get you down, dude. It'll grow on you." - On call
  • "I'm priced to sell, dude, and trained to satisfy." - On call
  • "See a dude here....shootin' him would be reeeal easy." - enemy spotted
  • "Whoa, the lead's flyin over here!" - near miss
  • "I'm gettin' shot at!" - attacked by unseen enemy
  • "I need more lead!" - out of ammo
  • "We were real hot out there, dude!" - mission complete, Deadly Games

Jagged Alliance 2

  • "Yeah, this is Ice!", "My motto is "Friendly service with a smile!" - on call
  • "Let's talk schedule. What ya got in mind?", "All right man, We'll give it a spin" - hiring 
  • "The bad dudes are here, time for them to taste trouble!" - enemy spotted
  • "What a drag!" - unsuccesful action, new enemy spotted
  • "I am outta breath, should have never smoked" - low breath meter
  • "They don't call him Magic for nothing!"
  • "You're the man, Blood!" -praise quote
  • "Grizzly, you got it goin' on! Such style, dude!" -praise quote



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