Proprietor of the pharmacy in Balime. Like the other storeowners in the city, Howard remained behind when everyone else in the city left, to look after his business.

His store is an excellent source of Medical Kits, Darts, Regeneration Boosters and Energy Boosters.


Balime East, Sector L12


  • "Well, hello there! haven't seen you around before. Welcome to Howard's Pharmacy."
  • "In your line of work, heh-he, I bet you go through a lot of medical supplies."
  • "Yeah, I arrived here about twenty years ago now, I guess. Thought I might be able to get a good little business going, maybe franchise even. That's kinda been put on hold for a bit."
  • "No need to get upset! Good Lord, I'm a pharmacist, not a terrorist. Maybe you should be on blood pressure medication."
  • "No. no, I don't think so. Use up enough bandages 'round here without me needin' them, too."
  • "Well, now if you'll pardon me, I got other fish to fry."
  • "All right, then. Have yourself a look and let me know if there's anything you'd like."
  • "Now hold on, don't be forgetting your stuff, here."
  • "Sure thing. Let me take a look here."
  • "No,no, you go ahead and keep that for yourself."
  • "I appreciate your business..."
  • "Well, maybe next time."

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