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Henning von Branitz is one of the hirable A.I.M. mercenaries appearing in Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire. He replaces Gus Tarballs.

Official description

"This full Pro is a former member of the GDR Folks army and comes from an old Prussian family. After the reunification of Germany, Henning began an extremely successful career as a merc. Early on he was an adviser in Cuba, now his list of foreign exp. is as long as your arm. Heavy and automatic weapons are in the best hands with Henning."

Additional info

  • He has something against New Age (mainly due to his roots part of an extremely traditional family), which is why he gets allergic attacks when he has to work together with Thor.





Liked by


Disliked by

  • None


  • He has the most experience of all A.I.M. mercenaries, therefore he is also the most expensive ($110,000 for two weeks). One of the jacks of all trades mercs, he has very high agility, dexterity, wisdom and marksmanship. He also has quite high health, strength and leadership.
  • He is skilled with heavy and auto weapons, so give him an assault rifle and a mortar/law. He is excellent at destroying enemy tanks.
  • His weakness is low mechanical, explosives and medical skill, though he can be trained fast because of his high wisdom level.
  • He is actually one of the mercs, who can't raise their stats because of his hidden "no stat raise" trait, usually reserved for older mercs. However, his important starting stats like his high physical stats, marksmanship, his starting level and his leadership are more than enough to fulfil his rolls for the rest of the game without any problems.
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