A hirable mercenary from A.I.M. and series staple, who made his first appearance in Jagged Alliance, and has appeared in every game since.

Official description

"Helmut Grunther is a young up-and-comer to the mercenary market.  Comfortable with taking the point position, he expects to make his mark in this merciless milieu in the near future.  Of course, that's if it doesn't make its mark on him!" - dossier, Jagged Alliance

"Helmut has moved through the ranks of this organization quicker than any other mercenary and is now a firmly established seasoned professional. Grunty's attitude and approach continues to be exemplary, making him one of our most popular mercenaries. Grunther has shown a strong interest in heavy weapons and night maneuvers." - dossier, Jagged Alliance 2

Additional info

  • German accent.
  • A go-getter, someone eager who takes his job seriously.
  • A hint of ego, though not conceited.
  • Has something to say about everything.
  • Very sociable and well-liked by the other AIM members, especially the Dolviches.





  • Walther P99
  • 9mm mag
  • Steel Helmet
  • Flak Jacket
  • LBE Gear
  • Canteen
  • Holster Rig


Jagged Alliance

  • "Metavirian madness... Count me in!" - On hire

Deadly Games

  • "Death and destruction... It sounds delightful!" - on hire
  • "One day, I, Helmut Grunther, will be the highest paid mercenary in all of A.I.M." - On call
  • "I an young and affordable, and just as capable as mercenaries twice my price." - On call

Jagged Alliance 2

  • "What a spectacular way to die." - rotted corpse/gory death
  • "Who do I look like? Siegfried and Roy?" - requesting impossible shot
  • "We failed to locate all of them.  I would not go crazy." - enemy in hiding
  • "Buns is an excellent warrior...and a stunning woman!" - Buns successfully completes a task
  • "Buns...watching you a kill was like watching a beautiful dance of death. Had you lived...I would have made you the happiest mercenary alive." - eulogy on Buns' death
  • "Ivan is the master. It is an honor to work with him." - praise quote
  • "Not you! I don't like listening to gossip, but there appears to be a consensus that you are not really much of a commander." - refuse to join



Liked by


  • None

Disliked by

  • None


  • Helmuts reference to Siegfried and Roy is a reference to SARMOTI: Siegfried and Roy, Masters of the Impossible
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