Helmet provides vital head protection and is by far the most common of the two helmets in the Jagged Alliance series.


Helmet in Jagged Alliance: Deadly Games

"Melon protection from small firearms, shrapnel and other projectiles. Light, with a ventilation flap and ear protection, this fiberglass model has a leather chin strap, and is water and shatterproof." - Jagged Alliance: Deadly Games


  • The helmet protects the wearer's head from incoming fire and to a limited extent, shrapnel. It drasticaly lowers damage from headshots and helps prevent wisdom loss.

Jagged Alliance: Deadly Games

  • In perfect conditions, it increases protection by 5%, lowering as it worns out.
  • Helmet can be treated with Compound 17 to increase its protection by 2%, becoming the Treated Helmet.
Treated Helmet in Jagged Alliance: Deadly Games

"Through the miracle of Compound 17 technology, this Treated Helmet now offers the possibility of added assurance and melon protection from projectile penetration." - Treated Helmet description in Jagged Alliance: Deadly Games


  • Found often in crates.
  • Many mercs from A.I.M. come with one.
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