Supervisors and administrators of the mines of Arulco, the Headminers manage and lead the miners and their work in the silver and gold mining operations around the country.

When encountered, the Headminers will be officially working for the Queen. However, like the rest of the country, they only serve the regime under duress and will happily turn over their profits to you and your mercs when you liberate their mines.

Invariably, the miners will only oppose the Queen as much as they feel it is safe - this is tied directly to the town's loyalty percentage, and the more loyalty you command from a town, the more income you will receive from the mine until 100% of the profits of the mine are being turned over to you.

If a Headminer is ever killed, the mine he is associated with will stop producing income. While this is unlikely to happen in a firefight as the Army doesn't aim to hurt civilians, there is a significant chance of this happening during a Crepitus outbreak.

The headminers will appear in the order below, with Fred Morris being the first, no matter which order you visit the towns in. This is likely due to the Headminers' dialogue - Fred Morris in particular exposits on how mining and income work in the game, with relation to loyalty.

Mining limits of mines remain the same no matter who is in charge of the mine. The only exception to this is Matt Duncan, who will always be found in Alma.

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