Owner of the only XXX Shop in Arulco, located San Mona. His shop contains a hidden back room where the gun dealer Tony may be found. Has a few customer problems, notably with store regular Brenda Drake.

Note that a small modicum of leadership (around 15-25) is required to convince Hans to let you into the back room. Truly uncharismatic mercs will simply get a sales shpiel, followed by a brush-off. In Jagged Alliance Wildfire, the leadership threshold is 35.

Occasionally Tony will leave to resupply his stock, and won't be available to deal. If this is the case, Hans will be the one to let you know.



San Mona (sector C5).


  • "The S&M stuff is in the corner."
  • "Tony stepped out for a bit. you'll have to come back later if you're looking to see him."
  • "Have I told you about our giant video clearance? Buy any rubber item in the store, and get your choice of video cassette free."
  • "I got to take inventory. If you're in the neighborhood, come back again."
  • "I've got a business to run."
  • "I got this great idea for a new marketing campaign: Make love, not war. Not original, but pretty in tune with the situation. Maybe I put your photo on the flyer."
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