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Hand Grenade

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A single-use hurled explosive weapon in the Jagged Alliance series, first appearing in Jagged Alliance.

Official description

"An army issue M31A, a fragmentation explosive with pull-ring, pressure-release firing device, wire-wound coil and Composition-B explosive charge." - Jagged Alliance

"This standard army issued fragmentation grenade is packed with TNT and has a pull ring, pressure-released firing trigger." - Jagged Alliance 2


  • While grenades cannot be thrown as far as bullets can be fired, grenade explosions have a splash effect, which can potentially damage many targets if they are grouped close together.  
  • Mercenaries with the Throwing skill (or Demolitions in v1.13) are able to throw grenades much farther than others.
  • Those that are close enough to the explosion will be knocked prone as well, cancelling out their actions for the round.
  • Notably, damage from these grenades tends to be low, and not comparable to that of grenades in reality.
  • Grenades can also be used as an alternative to forcing locked doors if there are no mechanically skilled mercenaries or crowbars handy.  Opening a door with this method also has the advantage of knocking down any targets that are immediately behind the door.



  • In both games, grenades in poor condition have a chance of not exploding when thrown.  
  • In Jagged Alliance, grenades in somewhat poor condition can still potentially explode after failing to explode on landing, effectively rendering them unpredictable land mines.
  • In Jagged Alliance, a Grenade can be combined with Gas, Oil and a Rag to create an Eagle Fearball.

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