Official description

"Grace grew up in New Jersey and comes from an Italo/Hungarian family Early on, she foiled her mother's marriage and would rather play with her wild brothers instead of dolls. Her Italian soul expresses itself in her love for spaghetti and noodles of all variations."

Additional info

  • She brought knife throwing to perfection and as a young girl could already beat her brother, driving her mother crazy.





  • "Grace Girelli here. Please leave a message. Mamma, if it's you...yes, I'm fine...and NO I have no time at the moment and I'm NOT interested in meeting any nice young man. Ti amo...ciao!" (answering machine)
  • "I work constantly on my skills. And it pays off. I mean that literally by the way." (announcing a raise)
  • "Whoa. Hi there, adrenaline. Hey, I hear you can get hooked on this stuff." (near miss)
  • "Pity...there's not too many strong women around - shame she was led astray." (after killing Doreen Harrows)
  • "Ok, let's do it - I wouldn't mind letting fly with a coupla knives..." (when spotting an enemy)
  • "I shoulda listened to mom" (when spotting multiple enemies)
  • "Yeah" (after killing an enemy)
  • "There's still a few of 'em left... Don't get careless!" (when enemies are still in the sector)
  • "What's that?" (finding item)
  • "What is that?" (finding item)
  • "Waiting for next command." (arriving in the sector)



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  • None


  • Though the manual says her skills are Throwing and Teaching, in Wildfire 6.06 (GER) they are actually Teaching and Night Ops. Patch 6.04 should have fixed that, but apparently this fix wasn't included in 6.06.
  • In wildfire 6.04 she's got Throwing expert
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