A prisoner found on the lower levels of Tixa prison.  

As to be expected of someone being kept on the lower levels, Gordon has undergone an unknown amount of mistreatment and torture, both physical and mental, and is severely traumatised by the time you encounter him.

Able to do little more than tell you his name, he will recoil at any other attempts to communicate with him.

If you are playing on Sci-Fi mode, he will also implore you not to allow him to be fed to the monsters.


J9: Tixa


  • "Gordon... Gordon Jefferies... I know nothin'..."
  • "Why? Why are you doing this?"
  • "Go away... Please...just go away."
  • "Leave me. Leave me to die... Die in peace."
  • "I beg you. Shoot me. Do not feed me to the monsters... I beg you. Shoot me."
  • "What's that? I don't want nuthin from you!"
  • "No more torture... no more pain... Please!" (trying to slap some sense into him)
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