"I want get stuff, but I no crazy." — Betty Fung

  Betty Fung has medical supplies to sell you, but her stockroom in Varrez has somehow become infested with vicious Bloodcats, keeping her from getting to her extended stock.  If you can get rid of them, she'll have valuable medical supplies available to sell you, in addition to her regular stock.

  • "I got more stuff out back in stockroom.  Quality goods like medical supplies, but it be week now I no can get it.  Big cat problem.  Family of big cats move into stockroom.  I want get stuff, but I no crazy."

Completing the Quest

The stockroom is in the same sector as Betty's store, just across the street.  Three bloodcats have managed to squirrel themselves inside the stockroom and will attack anyone that attempts to enter.  Once the bloodcats have been killed and the sector is safe again, the quest can be completed by returning to Betty in her store.


  • This mission can quickly turn risky - Bloodcats are quick and deadly, and can quickly overwhelm your mercs if you are caught unprepared or overconfident.  Have your most experienced, high level mercs open the doors to the stockroom, with several others immediately behind them as the Bloodcats will all quickly rush you at the first sign of your presence.  As always when dealing with Bloodcats, hollowpoint ammo is most effective.
  • An alternate viable strategy takes advantage of the fence surrounding the stockroom - plant an explosive (such as TNT) against the back or side wall, then retreat your mercs behind the fence and wait for it to go off.  When the wall is blown open, the Bloodcats will charge out of the hole left by the blast, but be forced run all the way around the fence in order to get to you, granting you ample time to shoot them down.
  • You can also exploit the fact that cats can't open doors. Plant explosives next to the stockroom doors, get ouside of the store and close the doors. After explosion, you can easily kill the cats through the windows.


"This very good!  Now I sell whatever you want.  Check out huge selection.  I like to give you more for exterminating big felines, but it against store policy.  This franchise operation."

  • Betty Fung's available stock is now extended, and includes medical supplies.  The reward would be more substantial, but as she will tell you herself, "it against store policy."
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