"Figured you'd be showing sooner or later." — General Theo Humphey

A General in the Army of Queen Deidranna and an NPC and enemy in Jagged Alliance 2.

He oversees the training of new recruits, personnel and mercenaries that have been brought into the Army along with Lt. Conrad Gillitt, as well as assumedly directing the maneuvers of an unspecified number of units on the field from the military headquarters in Alma.


Alma Military Headquarters, Sector H13

Additional Info

A gruff and fearless man, the General is unwaveringly loyal to Deidranna and her regime, and shows no fear of your squad nor of the rebels, even if they have wiped every soldier in the sector out prior to speaking with him.

He can be conversed with, initially, but if the conversation goes on for long enough, he will inevitably turn on you and attempt to kill you. Your mercenaries, predictably, find him to be a distasteful person to be around.

  • A merc with a sufficient leadership score can trick him into giving away details about the research facility in Orta, namely that it is a place where "weapons like you've never seen" are being developed. This information is logged in your Journal once it is revealed.
  • The General is well armed and highly skilled, and can be a deadly opponent if you are caught unprepared. As he is an NPC and officially classed as a "Civilian" in-game, however, he will not attempt to attack you until you have spoken to him and provoked him through conversation, and can be safely left alone, to be dealt with after the sector has been secured.



  • "Figured you'd be showing sooner or later."
  • "Do not allow yourself to believe you are anywhere close to winning this war, soldier. Deidranna has Meduna fortified enough to stop an army. Any army!"
  • "Your time will come."
  • "Why don't you go play in some crossfire, kid. I'm not the least bit scared of ya."
  • "Prepare to die!"
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