A mercenary hirable from the M.E.R.C. roster in Jagged Alliance 2: Unfinished Business. He is also available from the M.E.R.C. roster in v.1.13, sometime after Jim "Cougar" Wallace, and alongside Lt. "Stogie" Horge.

Official description

"As a distinguished commando in the French Marine Corp (FMC), Gaston has played a distinguished role in many of the NATO and UN operations throughout this hostile world. A confident, field-proven, professional sharpshooter, Cavalier's addition to our roster is just another step in M.E.R.C.'s continuing effort to meet your needs.

Additional Info

Gaston operates best in the early hours of the morning. He is also rather apt at sniping from an elevated vantage point."

-M.E.R.C. Dossier




  • "Ah!  My heart aches for the company of civilized men!"
  • "It is an ingrate." - enemy spotted
  • "I am not at ease with an empty weapon." - out of ammo
  • "Mon dieu...a gun that does not work!" - weapon jam
  • "You are dismissed...easily." - enemy killed
  • "You are not the first to part with Gaston due to inferior sentiments." - fired
  • "Buzz is at peace, now.  Only death, or Gaston, could quell such internal anger." - on Buzz's death



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