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"Besides its scratch resistant lens, anti-fog treatment and a wide range of vision, the mask has an exhalation micro-valve and a particulate filter that offer excellent protection from mustard and tear gas." - Jagged Alliance "Replica Russian M-17A1, rubber mask withcheek filters, scratch-proof lenses, adjustable head straps and a drinking attachment. Shoulder bag and poncho included." - Jagged Alliance 2



  • Protects the merc from Tear/Mustard Gas hazards.
  • Grants limited protection from Crepitus acid spit attack, somewhat reducing its damage, and making it so that the damage taken from acid spit don't cause bleeding.
  • Masks in poor condition will not fully protect against more volatile gasses. A mask in poor condition is almost equivalent to having no mask at all, in some cases.
  • Caustic gasses (mustard gas, Crepitus acid) will cause the gas mask to degrade. Crepitus acid especially will cause it the mask to degrade very quickly, meaning that a mask that is protecting your merc will not protect them for long if they dawdle.
  • Restricts vision and accuracy somewhat while worn. Only equip when necessary.

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