An item appearing in Jagged Alliance and Jagged Alliance 2.  The item serves different purposes in each game.

Jagged Alliance

"A can of gasoline." - Jagged Alliance

Gas is a mergeable item typically used in combination with a Glass JarOil, and a Rag to make a Molotov Cocktail

It can also be combined with Oil, a Rag and either a Grenade, Tear Gas Grenade, Stun Grenade or Mustard Gas Grenade to create the Eagle versions of those weapons.


Jagged Alliance 2

"Use this tank of gas wisely. They are extremely hard to come by, here in Arulco." - Jagged Alliance 2

Gas is a consumable item used to fuel in-game vehicles.  Both the ice cream truck and the hummer can hold up to two full gas cans worth of gasoline.  The helicopter assumedly uses gasoline as well, though it can only be refueled by landing in sectors with a cleared landing pad, and does not need to be manually refueled.

With Deidranna seizing and controlling all fuel stocks in Arulco, gas can be very hard to come by, and is often prized when found.


  • Estoni
  • Occasionally found in civilian garages, toolsheds and barns.


  • Gas cans are cumbersome objects - singly taking up an entire large slot in your backpack or a single storage slot in a vehicle.  In v1.13 they are even more cumbersome, unable to be stored in any LBE Gear, and can only be carried by hand.  

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