Playable in Jagged Alliance, nonplayable and an alum in Jagged Alliance 2.


"A new member of A.I.M., Gary is another Roachburn from along family line of mercenaries to join A.I.M. Like his father, Col. Leon Roachburn, a loose-lipped legend, Gary can be trusted to keep you informed of all your team members ’thoughts and intentions." - Jagged Alliance

"Gary Roachburn, well known for his family tree and loose tongue, was the second of the Roachburns to sever their ties with the organization. After the sudden, accidental death of his father, Col. Leon Roachburn, Gary left the life of a soldier of fortune and has taken a seasonal position with the Boy Scouts of America. At the moment, he is stationed at Camp Takaddata." - Jagged Alliance 2 Alumni Gallery



Is Liked by

  • None


Is Disliked by

Additional information

  • Snitch
  • a self-aggrandizing military brat
  • Will demand Larry to be fired if stuck with him for long enough


  • "You probably don't deserve me. But I'll join." - On hire
  • "I've got a bigger mouth than my father, and I'm a heck of a lot younger." - On call
  • "My father wasn't badmouthing me, was he?" - On call
  • "You want me to do one of us? I'll do one of us!" - Ordered to shoot friendly merc
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