A scientist formerly working under Queen Deidranna's regime in her research division, Gabby has since come to his senses and fled Meduna to go into hiding in the countryside.

Gabby only appears when the game is set to sci-fi mode, and relates information regarding to the Crepitus as well as dealing in their parts and selling jars and elixirs.  

Additional Info

  • Gabby's nickname was given to him by his friends. He definitely earned it.
  • Likely specializes in biology, chemistry or both.
  • The Jagged Alliance 2 code to enter cheat mode (GABBI) is likely named after Gabby.


Sectors H11, I4, random.


  • "I appreciate it, but it wouldn't be proper to just take your money. No, that would be theft, and sure as shite, they'd lock me up if they ever found me. Can't be havin' that..."
  • "Jesus Christmas! Can ya patch me up here?"

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