Matt Duncan mentions that his brother Greg is being kept in a hidden dungeon called Tixa, and would like you to break him out of there.

Free Dynamo From Tixa is a side quest in Jagged Alliance 2.

Note: the other inmate that can be freed, Shank is only mentioned by Jake Cameron in Estoni, though there is no associated quest with freeing Shank.


Speak to Matt Duncan, the headminer of Alma and he'll give you the quest.


Dynamo is kept locked in a cell in the western side of the prison. The challenge here will of course be reaching him at all, as there is resistance on the upper levels of the prison is heavy.

More info on conquering Tixa see: Tixa

Dynamo is wounded when you see him, and will implore you for first aid. Once it is given, speak to him again and listen to what he has to say, and the quest will be complete.


A mercenary with at least a modest leadership statistic can persuade him to join the squad for $50/day or for free if the first offer is refused.


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