Un Headminer en Arulco. Él será el gerente de la primera mina que captura.


Fred will introduce you to the concept of mining in Jagged Alliance 2, and explain how the whole system works.  

A kindly, well-spoken man, he is one of the few citizens of Arulco friendly enough to earn a comment from your mercs about it.




  • "Well hello there.  Fred Morris, head miner here.  A pleasure to meet you."
  • "I was hoping I'd get to meet you.  I knew when I did that me and my men would be finally liberated from the clutches of that slave driving...dictator!  The Queen's in a class by herself when it comes to cruelty."
  • "To show my appreciation, I'm prepared to continue mining and turn the proceeds over to you.  I'll gather the men I can, and the ore we dig is yours.  You have to understand, though, a lot of the men are scared.  Scared the Queen will return to punish them.. I won't be able to convince all of them.  That will be up to you.  They need to know you're for real.  That you're here to stay. If Deidranna does take back this town, the people will work for her like nothing happened.  Its what they know.  It's how they stay alive.  You mustn't hold it against any one of us.  I'm sure you'll find the same attitude amongst the other mine foreman and their workers.  Heck!  This whole country is hopeful, but we will remain cautious out of fear.
  • "Word's gotten around about you.  Not all bad, nor all good."

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