An item trader and proprietor of an electronics shop in Balime.

Like most stores in Balime, his is a little more esoteric, specializing in high-end goods such as laser scopes and night vision goggles.

A business-minded, no-nonsense man of German descent, Franz keeps his head in his business and doesn't have much to say about anything else.

Fumblepaks and Lameboy Displays are also occasionally sold here, and Franz's shop is the only store in Arulco where they can be found at all.

Unlike Sam, Howard is willing to buy unwanted electronics items from you.


Sector L12, Balime East


  • "How do? Frankz Hinkle. Purveyor of the finest electronics and other goods in Arulco."
  • "I look excitable to you, ja? I get upset, I cross wires. Is no good for anyone."
  • "Ja, I have quite a bit to offer, especially for Arulco, no?"
  • "Great! Business is booming! I knew it would pick up."
  • "You keep me in mind in the future. Remember, Franz Hinkle's finest electronics and other goods. Has a ring to it, ja?"

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