A mercenary hirable from M.E.R.C. , Haywire is available from the outset upon introduction to the organization.

Official description

"Killing is Frankie Gordon's speciality. He's not particular on how he kills, just as long as he has fun doing it. Haywire may not be considered a marksman, but he exhibits a certain fascination with automatic weapons and seems to handle them with ease. The same could be said for his talents with sharp knives. Additional info:

Frankie is working on improving his people skills."

- M.E.R.C. Dossier






Liked by


Disliked by


  • "Jeez, sumpthin' about this place got my Henrys in a knot." - heightened danger
  • "Either I heard something, or I got something in my ear again." - heard a noise
  • "How do you like dem apples, roadkill!" - upon killing enemy
  • "Suckers!  Nothing left to do but hold the funerals, or whistle for the vultures, haha!" -sector clear
  • "Ever hear about Vlad the Impaler? Awesome dude with the spikes? He's my hero!"
  • "Yeah, Razor!  You're my hero." - Razor performs well
  • "Dragged my ass here. Now what?" arrived in sector
  • "I'll be boss in no time!" - improvement
  • "Bummer, I was up for some good ass-kickin', coulda done the job, too. Just gettin' warmed up." - when fired


  • Although his stats are generally sub-par, his aggressive persona and aptitude for automatics can make him a cost-efficient support for suppression roles.
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