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A healing and bandaging item in the Jagged Alliance series.


"A canvas kit containing limited supplies for the field treatment of casualties. Set includes: suture utensils, gauze, wound dressings, tweezers, Novocain, antiseptics, pain medication and a field guide to administering aid." - Jagged Alliance

"This kit contains antiseptic, cotton rolls, a thermometer, iodine and merthiolate vials, slings, safety pins, scissors, forceps, various bandages and manual." - Jagged Alliance 2


  • Random sectors/enemies (usually found in bathroom cabinets)
  • Can be bought randomly from traders.
  • Bobby Ray's


  • Usable by any merc with a medical skill. A higher skill results in faster bandaging of wounds.   It's durability will slowly decrease every time it's used.
  • Mercs with high medical skill are also more efficient with the kit - a 1st aid kit can be used to treat more injuries in a skilled user's hands than in unskilled. 
  • In Jagged Alliance, First Aid Kits can be used by mercs on Doctor duty.  In Jagged Alliance 2, a doctor must use a Med Kit.

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