Brenda: "Some of the Fallow Trees are infected with a deadly virus. If we're not able to stop it soon, it will spread, and eventually destroy all the trees. We've seen this virus before. I was able to create an antidote from the roots of the Pomillia Flower. I hope Lucas hasn't found what remains of it."

Brenda reports that several Fallow Trees have fallen victim to a deadly and contagious virus. While she has formulated an antidote, she is short on a critical component - roots from the Pomillia Flower - and asks that you retrieve some so that she may synthesize more.

Curing the Virus

Jack : "The virus is spreading out of control and we have to do something immediately! A couple more days and we could lose EVERY TREE!"

There are two ways to go about this. A swift and easy solution is detonating the first affected tree with explosives the moment it becomes infected. The culprit tree is demarked with a brown square next to all the green (or black, depending on the sector) squares deonating healthy trees. In sector, the tree in particular can be distinguished by its lack of tappers and sickly appearance - planting the bomb directly on it will destroy the tree and the virus will no longer be a problem, though this cuts the number of trees in your ownership permanently by one.

The other way is to do as Brenda suggests and obtain some Pomillia flowers from Sector 8. Note that as days pass, more trees will become infected, and infected trees will start to wither and die - those that die are permanently subtracted from your tree total and cannot be salvaged, even after a cure has been synthesized.

Capturing Sector 8

There are several enemies that are guarding the Pomillia Flowers. If you are waiting to capture Sector 18 on the day of the second weapons shipment then you'll have to mount an amphibious assault from either Sector 7 or Sector 9. Sector 9 is recommended, since it is closer to the flowers than Sector 7. Don't forget to equip knives/combat knives or your mercs will be killed by the water snakes.Note that even if you acquired the four flowers in sector 8, Brenda wil report that she can't make the antidote (not the one you can pick up here) without her journal which you have to find in sector 12. She needs around 3 days stop the virus, which means you will still lose about 2-4 trees.


Some players also may find an antidote in sector 42 (eastern building) instead of a Spectra Shield or sector 7.


Jack: "You really used your head out there today! Better to sacrifice a few trees, than lose all of them! The virus shouldn't be a problem anymore." - if resolved by blowing trees

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