The fifteen year old son of a resident of Cambria has gone missing, and the mother doesn't want to ask for military to help find him lest he be recruited into the army.


Talk to Martha Graham in Cambria, sector G8.

"I need your help. My boy, Joey, has run away from here. He's only fifteen, and I haven't seen him in three days. I've checked with everyone. None of his friends seem to know where he is. By chance have you seen him? He has an earring in his left ear. Well... you know, they all have one these days. It really doesn't mean anything anymore... His hair is parted in the middle. I think Joey was wearing his blue jacket, but I can't be sure. Could've had on his yellow shirt with it. He didn't pack anything, and they're missing, so he could be wearing them. Well... maybe you could keep an eye out for him. He's probably in one of the towns. He was never too much for the wilderness. Maybe Estoni? There's plenty of adventure in those junkyards. He might have gone to the ruins in Chitzena... Or the town of Alma, nah... there's too many soldiers there. I just hope he didn't go up to San Mona. There's nothing but hookers, booze and trouble there. If you find him, could you please bring him back? I can't ask the army, they'd only recruit him. And the last thing I want is to see Joey working for the army and her."



Joey can be found in San Mona, behind the Shady Lady brothel (C5) or in the abandoned mine west of San Mona (D4). Hans Vanderkilt will have seen him, and will usually offer some insight as to exactly where he's gone.

Joey is a brat and will refuse to come with you unless you're extremely stern with him (Threaten). Once he agrees to be escorted, take him directly back to his mother in Cambria.

Tips & Tricks

If you get into a fight on the way, leave Joey in a safe place (a room with no windows or behind a big rock or tree untill you clear the sector.


  • 20% loyalty increase in Cambria
  • You can now heal your mercs in the Cambria hospital
  • Completing this quest is one of the conditions to be able to recruit Vincent (besides a 100% town loyalty)
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