"How could it be that you were sent by Enrico? He has been dead for more than... ten years." — Fatima


Fatima is a civilian living in Omerta, Arulco in Jagged Alliance 2. She is one of the first NPCs, along with her son Pacos, that the player meets when mercenaries arrive in Arulco. She will lead the mercs to the rebel hideout if the mercs give her the letter from Enrico Chivaldori.

She has a son, a precocious little boy named Pacos, is never far from her side. Her husband, Manuel, can be recruited in Jagged Alliance 2: Unfinished Business and mods like Arulco Revisited.


Upon meeting her for the first time she doesn't believe that the mercenaries have been sent to Arulco on behalf of Enrico Chivaldori, since many believe that he is dead. She will then suggest that they leave Arulco, as she says: "Before you will become a dead man". Then she will ignore the mercs until one of them give her Enrico's letter. After this, she will lead the mercs to the next sector where the rebel hideout is located.



  • "Why are you here?"
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