Father John Walker is a Catholic priest who has won the respect of the citizens of Drassen. His manners may be slightly unseemly for a member of the clergy - he obviously has a soft spot for Ira and he likes to drink, but he is the one man who is able to send food supplies to the starving rebels hiding in Omerta. With Ira in their party (or another mercenary with a very high leadership skill), this shouldn't be a problem. He is a valuable ally and will boost support for you in Drassen significantly, but he won't join the mercenaries.


Father Walker is usually found in the church of Drassen (D13) during daytime. If he isn't in the church, he's probably be in Herve's bar in C13. During the night he isn't present in either sector, so be sure to look for him during the day.



According to the Jagged Alliance 2 Character Profile Editor, his stats are as follows:


  • "I haven't seen you around, Ira. I was worried, perhaps, something bad happened to you. You are looking well, as always." –
  • "Miguel Cordona needs my assistance? Well... I think I can put together some food and supplies. Fuel, as Miguel is probably well aware, remains next to impossible to acquire. The rest will take time. I do have some things hidden away, but I need to call upon the generosity of the faithful. Moving too quickly will only bring us all... unnecessary attention." –
  • "I'll get word to Miguel once everything is in order."


  • Plying the father with alcohol of any kind can render him drunk and talkative.
  • Buy any sort of drink from the bar and give it to him – if it worked, you'll see a little pink alcohol glass appear next to his portrait, denoting that he is drunk.
  • Approach him with friendliness while he's drunk and he'll expound on his honest (and none-too-friendly) opinion on Queen Deidranna's regime, as well as hint at something more sinister having to do with missing corpses, that gets marked in your history.
  • Usually this dialogue foreshadows the appearance of the Crepitus , and is only relevant in Sci-Fi Mode, but he talks about it even in realistic mode, with troubling implications.
  • If you meet Father Walker in his church, bring a merc such as Trevor or Magic and pick the lock in his church. Inside you will find (in a locked chest) a Remington M870 shotgun in reasonable state along with a few Buck Shot shells and a bottle of beer . If you used the GABBI cheat (CTRL+G A B B I), along with the "See all items and NPCs" cheat (ALT+E), you will also find an "Ownership" item.
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