Extended Ear, also known as Covert Radio, is a head equipment that appears in the Jagged Alliance series.



"Hear the enemy long before it hears you. A listening device with a hyper-sensitive microphone and an adjustable headset, the Extended Ear is capable of picking up a soft whisper at a distance of sixty yards." - Jagged Alliance

Extended ear

Jagged Alliance 2

"The Bionic Ear Scout is a high fidelity stereo amplifier headset with dual wind-resistant microphones that amplify small sounds and filter out the very loud. Its fully adjustable head strap ensures a snug fit." - Jagged Alliance 2



  • Improves hearing range by up to +5, depending on equipment condition. Note that hearing range is greater at night (up to +3, depending on the time).
  • In Jagged Alliance and Jagged Alliance: Deadly Games, the Extended Ear also doubles as a Radio.

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