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"I used to come around here to get gas, pick up parts for the car in the junkyard. That was when you saw cars in Arulco. Gas is next to impossible to come by. The Queen only imports enough for her own purposes." — Ira Smythe

Estoni is a location in Arulco.


Estoni is a single sector town in Arulco, home to a junkyard, a defunct gas station, a shack house and three people. Militia cannot be trained in Estoni.

Facilities (v1.13)

  • Junkyard - increases the efficiency of item, vehicle and helicopter repair actions.

Notable Characters


  • Rescue Shank, once he is rescued and brought to Estoni to Speak with Jake, Estoni can serve as both a fueling station and landing/refueling spot for the helicopter.


  • In v1.13, the presence of the Junkyard facility adds the function of repair station to the town, making it an ideal mid-to-late game base camp, as long as mobile militia can be migrated to the sector to keep it defended from passing patrols.
  • A base here will also slow the advance of and act as an early warning system on any patrols seeking to assault any of your other cities, as they will often go into adjacent sectors to bypass the garrison.
  • While Estoni is listed as a town, demarced on the map with a name, and is home to important NPCs and a Trader like many other towns, it is unlike other towns in Arulco in that the enemy does not seem to assign it any importance.  Battles may occur here if your mercenaries are in the sector and cross paths with a passing enemy patrol, but strategically the enemy treats it like any other unmarked road sector.

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