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A powerup item in Jagged Alliance 2.

The round after it is applied to a merc via clicking it on the merc's item portrait, the affected merc's action points will nearly double for several rounds.  Their actions points will also turn blue during this period, and a small lightning bolt will appear next to their portrait, indicating the drug is taking effect.

Once the effects wear off, the merc's action points will return to normal, and the merc will experience an adrenaline crash in the form of lowered morale.


"Hypodermic syringe filled with a chemical stimulant that temporarily boosts your energy level. Caution: repeated use can cause cardiac arrest."



  • A strategy for winning matches in Kingpin's boxing club in San Mona is take an energy booster before entering the ring, as it grants better reflexes and increased speed and ability to throw more punches in a round.  Fortunately, underground boxing rings don't perform drug tests.
  • Extremely useful for medics, as a medic can suddenly find himself needing to get to a wounded merc as quickly as possible.
  • One of the many items that will trigger a relapse in Larry Roachburn if kept in his inventory for any extended period of time
  • Despite the note regarding cardiac arrest, multiple uses of adrenalines shots don't cause any adverse affects in your mercs, even if administered over a short period of time.

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