"Elliot, you idiot!" — Deidranna Reitman

Elliot is Deidranna's lieutenant, and has the distinctly unfortunate job of delivering reports of bad news to Deidranna over the course of the game. Often times, he would be slapped by the Queen and his appearance will slowly degrade with every cutscene.

Ultimately, when Elliot was delivering his final news on the mercs’ approach to Meduna, he is shot in the head by Deidranna in a fit of rage after he asks whether he should extend the Queen’s (sarcastic) offer for a barbecue to the mercs. Even then, much to the Queen’s dismay, Elliot survives and promises to try harder to die next time.

In spite of this, and the numerous slappings and beatings he incurs for being the bearer of bad news to the temperamental queen, he continually remains steadfastly optimistic and fiercely loyal to his ruler, even under the most extreme of circumstances.

He can be later found in a section of Meduna Palace when the mercs arrive. Even in the face of utter defeat, he remains loyal to the Queen and promises the mercs that they will be punished for their intrusion of the palace.


P3: Meduna Palace



  • "As you command, Your Highness."
  • "A-hem...I am an idiot, Your Highness."
  • "You will be punished for your intrusion." (when spoken to)
  • "It is too bad you do not know the Queen like I do." (when spoken to)
  • "You are speaking with the Queen’s most trusted advisor. You will show respect." (when threatened)
  • "I cannot take it." (when gifting items)
  • "I can’t be bought." (when gifting money)
  • "It is not even an option." (when attempting to recruit)
  • "The Queen will make you pay!" (when attacked)
  • "I have been wounded. As the Queen’s advisor, you are compelled to offer me aid." (when injured)
  • "That is all I have to say to you. "
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