"We-hell, you might be interested in this special elixir I've developed!" — Gary "Gabby" Mulnick

A consumable item appearing in Jagged Alliance 2.

Elixir is a specialized concoction developed by Gary "Gabby" Mulnick to combat the Crepitus' highly developed sense of smell.  The Elixir masks the scent of anyone who applies it to their body, rendering them invisible to the blind creatures, who rely on their sense of smell to detect prey.

Elixir can only be found in the possession of Gabby, who sells them to your mercenaries at $400 a jar.  Each jar is good for one application to one mercenary.  



As described, the elixir will render your mercs invisible to the Crepitus, and the creatures will completely ignore them while they are in their presence.  

The elixir is not completely foolproof, however - mercenaries approaching within one square of a Crepitus will still be detected and attacked (they are blind, not dumb), though the creature will lose sight of them as soon as your merc retreats beyond one square's distance from it.  

Openly attacking the Crepitus will also nullify the Elixir's effects for the attacking mercenaries.

With careful maneuvering, it can be possible to completely avoid all encounters with the Crepitus while exploring their lair and searching for the Queen.

The elixir has no additional effect on the already Crepitus-invisible Robot.

Empty jars can be used for other things after the elixir is applied.

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