Appearances: Jagged Alliance, Jagged Alliance: Deadly Games . Nonplayable and an alum in Jagged Alliance 2 .


"A long-time member, Ed Stockwell’s loyalties have always been strongly influenced by the signature on his paycheck. As a jack-of-all-trades and master of none, Ears Stockwell offers versatility at an affordable price and a commitment to tell you all he hears." - Jagged Alliance, A.I.M. Dossier

"Ears Stockwell handed in his resignation almost eighteen months ago.  Since that time, we have heard nothing from him and therefore have no news to report.  Though, to be honest, we haven't exactly gone out of our way to make contact with him either." - Jagged Alliance 2, Alumni Gallery




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Hiring Info

Deadly Games

  • Will be upset if he's fired before he participated in at least one mission.

Additional information

  • Snitch
  • Talks with a gentle British accent.
  • Loves gossip and talking behind people's backs, especially when none of it is kind.


  • "You've just bought yourself one motivated mercenary." - On hire
  • "Listen... I'm the best mole for the money! They don't call me Ears for nothing, you know." - On call
  • "You may want to think twice about hiring Buzz Garneau. I hear she's with child... Seems Lynx knocked her up." - On call
  • "Hey! Wait a minute..." - Fired before allowed to participate in a mission
  • "As short as it was...once was more than enough! Don't call me... EVER!" - Hiring attempt after firing unfairly
  • "Since you didn't hear me, I'll say it again..." Asked to repeat
  • "Call me old fashion, but the battlefield is hardly the place!" - When a female uses the hand icon on him
  • "Lonely, eh? Tell me about it..." - When a male uses the hand icon on him
  • "I can see something." - Spotted an item
  • "Enemy present... Don't think I've been detected." - Spotted unaware enemy
  • "Better you than me." - Remark on enemy killed
  • "Someone just shot at me!" - Under fire
  • "I've been noticed." - Enemy spotted
  • "I haven't got much to shoot at!" - Requested impossible shot
  • "I caught a break there." - Near miss
  • "I'll do it, but I find the whole thing rather repulsive" - Ordered to shoot friendly merc
  • "That's the last of that crew!" - All enemies killed
  • "I can't recall an assignment ever being this quiet." - After a few turns without action
  • "We got it! Now to get back with it!" - Holding mission objective
  • "We got the job done after all." - Mission complete
  • "We pulled together on this one." - Withdrawing from a mission
  • "It's a shame... I liked working for you." - Fired after participating in a mission
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