An gun attachment found in Jagged Alliance 2. The duckbill can only be attached to shotguns.


"This metal object, when attached to the end of a shotgun barrel, causes buckshot fired from the shotgun to spread out along a horizontal line instead of its standard circular pattern."

Usage Notes

The horizontal spread that the duckbill grants the shotgun increases the likelihood that at least some of the buckshot spraying out of the nozzle will hit your target.  This essentially increases a shotgun's effective range by several squares, though the exact amount is variable due to the amount of buckshot being fired and the randomness of their flight pattern.

On occasion, the horizontal pattern of a shot fired from a shotgun with a duckbill will reduce the weapon's effectiveness, usually at the close-medium range, right outside of point-blank, and reducing the amount of buckshot that hits the target.  

For this reason, the duckbill is generally best used for clearing rooms and for long-range engagements.  For high-risk run-and-gun tactics meant to take advantage of a shotgun's close-range stopping power, the duckbill is best left off to maximize damage output at closer ranges.


As with all gun attachments, Jagged Alliance v1.13 introduces several types of duckbill-like attachments for shotguns.

  • Full Choke - tightens buckshot spread, greatly increasing effective range of buckshot on all shotguns.  Does not work with single slugs.
  • Imp. Modified Choke - increases effective range of slugs and buckshot.
  • Rifled Choke - allows much greater accuracy of single shot slugs, while widening buckshot spread to near uselessness

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