A mercenary hirable from A.I.M.  He made his first appearance in Jagged Alliance 2.

Official description

"Doctor Huaong draws much of his medical knowledge from the branches of the ancient healing traditions. His marksmanship may be a little poor, but Dr. Q's expertise in so many other disciplines--night operations, guerrilla warfare tactics, and martial arts-more than make up for it, and he could easily double his fees. "

Additional info

  • His salary is currently undergoing renegotiation.



  • Martial Arts
  • Night Ops


  • "There is no greater teacher than experience." - stat increase
  • "A lion is now in our path." - enemy sighted
  • "...hunger prowls." - Bloodcat sighted
  • "We have not rid this sphere of its evil.  We must remain prepared." - an enemy in hiding
  • "I...cast aside...the pain of...my injuries..." - near-death
  • "I could sense Vicky's potential for greatness. It shines from within." when praising Victoria "Vicki" Waters
  • "The shipment is not complete. He who takes what is not his is destined to live a shorter existence. All that is left is to determine his identity." - shipment was stolen



Liked by


  • None

Disliked by


  • Spiritual and somewhat mystical
  • Formal use of English, though he's well-versed enough to use contractions
  • He comes off as being respectful, yet he sometimes uses it as a disguise to make snide remarks.
  • His dialogue is littered with spiritual connotations.
  • Dr. Q has the second-lowest sleep requirement in the game, which means that he is ready for action sooner and more often than other characters.
  • His low marksmanship can be raised very quickly thanks to his high wisdom. Due to quick and abundant gains in marksmanship, Dr. Q will gain levels faster than the majority of the cast and will end up being one of the highest level characters, which will greatly increase his overall performance in combat but also skyrocket his hiring price. Therefore, it is recommended to purchase Dr. Q's services for weeks or even months in advance, during the early portion of the game, which will make him quite cost-effective.
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