A mercenary hireable from A.I.M.  First appears in Jagged Alliance 2.

Official description

"Fresh out of med school, Doctor Dawson eagerly awaits his first assignment. Although his innocent and youthful appearance has prevented others from taking him seriously but rest assured, once he saves a couple of lives, he'll be shown the kind of respect he deserves. For a man who just completed his internship, he can certainly wield a mean scalpel."

Additional info

  • Young, inexperienced, a little chattier than most of the others.
  • Uses some scientific terminology.
  • Enthusiastic and somewhat brash.
  • Surprises himself on occasion as he feels his way through combat.
  • MD has an excellent wisdom score, so you can easily train up his marksmanship





  • "These macho freaks were amusing to be around for like...the first ten minutes."
  • "I gotta keep believing there's a light at the end of the tunnel."
  • "The heat in this place is ridiculous. And the humidity...is unbelievable..!" - hot conditions
  • "I may make a career out of this after all!" - stat increase
  • "Its time to spring into action!" - enemy spotted
  • "This isn't going smoothly! I need help!" - multiple enemies spotted
  • "One for our side!" - enemy killed
  • "I'll be there with bells on!" - hired
  • "This was great.  I learned a lot, thanks for giving me a chance." - fired
  • "Don't...let me die...in this hellhole!" - dying
  • "I'm not your man. I want get more experience, but with your survival rate, I'll never get the chance to put that experience to use." - refuse to join/refuse renewal




  • M.D.'s face is that of one of Sir-Tech's developers, who can be seen standing in the group shot behind the game's credits.
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