Official description

"The born Romanian came to Germany with her parents, as she was a child just before their cover was blown. Her arrangement against unjust dictators she has from her parents. She studied medicine and came to the mercenary business through her partner Rudolf Steiger. A totally passionate mercenary!"

Additional info

  • Automatic weapons are her strength just as silently stalking an enemy.
  • Hates working with Buzz Garneau as Buzz's bitterness and inability to deal with her breakup with Lynx have her extremely hostile towards men.
  • Also dislikes Fox for her rather carefree and promiscuous attitude.
  • Enjoys being in Rudolf's company, which is mutual as she and Rudolf are romantically involved.



  • Auto Weapons
  • Stealthy
  • Paramedic (v1.13)


"It is through people like her that evil governments can exist and flourish" after killing Doreen Harrows

"Yes! Excellent, Victor! Why do they all call you Monk?" praising Monk

"He definitely earned that." when killing enemy

"A closer look at that..." when spotting item

"It's like a rarified atmosphere - breathe...breathe!" when winded



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