A character and NPC from Jagged Alliance 2.


An elderly, curmudgeonly and chronically busy man, Ernest Poppin is the head scientist working in Orta Military Research Facility in Arulco, and can be found in the facilities secret basement laboratory.

Promised a safe, well-stocked and distraction free workplace (likely along with a large amount of funding), Ernest was persuaded to conduct research for the creation of new weapons for the regime of Queen Deidranna. His work, his peace, and his loyalty to the Queen are severely tested when the player's band of mercenaries invade Orta. Likely the inventor and creator of the Rocket Rifle used in Jagged Alliance 2.

The Rocket Rifles Of Orta

Ernest holds the key (literally) to the Rocket Rifles hidden away in Orta. He is, however, a chronically busy man with no time for anyone not involved with his research, and any conversations you try to start with him are always abruptly and rudely cut short.

The surest way of getting him to listen is to completely disrupt his work and keep him from getting anything done. To do so, simply Threaten him each time you try to talk to him. After doing so three times he will become completely frustrated with the lack of effect his retaliatory upbraidings have on you and lead you to and open a securely locked storage room, which contains six untagged Rocket Rifles and multiple batches of Minirockets.



  • A passionate mercenary scientist, Ernest is motivated by money and funding along with dedication to his work, and has a lot in common with the mercenary members of A.I.M.
  • Of British or Continental upbringing, due to his accent and consistent use of the word "bloody" and other Britishisms.
  • Wears a bowtie.


Sector K4, Orta Research Facility


  • "Well jolly good! We've got company! How I'm supposed to get any work done is beyond me."
  • "Good lord man! Look, I became the head scientist through diligent work, not through talking to people. Now, if you'll please let me get back to my research. Thank you."
  • "Listen here, I don't have time for this."
  • "Oh shut the bloody hell up. Good lord man, I could kill you with any number of compounds. Now let me be."
  • "Bloody hell! Do tell, when I relate the story of this conversation to friends back home, would you prefer I call you "annoying", or "crazy"? Now, get away from me."
  • "Bloody hell! That's it! I can't work under these conditions. She promised security, secrecy and a workplace free from interruptions. Right! Well, I am not giving my life for her promises!"

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