A merc hirable from M.E.R.C., he is available from the organization's opening.

Official description

"Doug Milton originates from Kentucky. He quit school in the fourth grade to work in his father's gas station. When his sister/cousin started pumping gas at the garage, he transferred his focus to the repair bench, and became a good mechanic. Since he left the family business, he roamed from job to job before trying his luck as a mercenary." - M.E.R.C. Dossier

Additional info

As hobbies, Gasket lists "squirrel shooting and road sign collecting".



Jagged Alliance 2

Unfinished Business


  • "Its killin' time!"
  • "This whole thing kinda reminds me of uh....something about uh. ..... Well, I forgot."
  • "Found some bad guys! Well...I didn't really find 'em, but I know they're in the neighborhood!"
  • "I'm bleedin' - I mean, bad, like the time I bit myself on the ankle. That's like a long story though."



Liked by


Disliked by


  • Forgetful, and will stop and need reminders occasionally, costing AP during action.
  • He has an unrequited crush on Vicky.
  • Doesn't like Russians
  • Hands down the cheapest mechanic for hire, although he's good for little else.
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