Doreen Harrows is running a clothesmaking sweatshop in Drassen that employs children. This will not do.


Doreen can be found in her sweatshop, a large building on the east side of central Drassen (sector C13). She will try to cover up the fact that the kids are exploited and when the conversation is finished, a journal entry entitled "Doreen is cruel to kids" will appear.


There are three ways to deal with Doreen.

  1. Kill her on the spot.
  2. Convince her to shut down the factory. This option requires a merc with at at least 40-50 Leadership.
  3. Convince her to shut down the factory, then chase her down when she leaves and kill her anyways.

The quest is finished after one of these actions is taken. A journal entry entitled "Doreen has been taken care of" will then appear. If you kill her, the merc/RPC who killed her will say something.

"You're right! You are absolutely right... They're kids. I'll shut the factory down. I never liked this job anyway. Mary Lynn will have to get her clothing line manufactured somewhere else. I never liked that woman either. Thought she was really something cause she had her own TV show. I've seen the light. I don't know what i was thinking before, but you straightened me out, and I'm grateful for it." -- Doreen Harrows


  • Increased loyalty in Drassen (extra 15% increase for option #2 and #3)
  • If you kill her either on the spot or outside, a small amount of money and a key to her office can be obtained. The key can also be obtained by carefully searching the sector, and can generally be found in one of the buildings nearby.
  • Her stuff from the locker - an H&K MP5K with a few mags of 9mm AP. Getting to her office can be difficult without the key, or a merc with very high mechanical skills or explosives, especially if Drassen is conquered early on.
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