The owner of a sweatshop in Drassen manufacturing sweatshirts and baseball caps for a celebrity-endorsed clothing line. The shop is notable for exclusively employing children in the manufacturing line.

Rumor has it she is a good friend of the dictator Deidranna.

The celebrity endorsing her shop is a TV star named Mary Lynn. (see trivia)


Central Drassen, Sector C13


For detailed info see "Doreen is cruel to kids" quest page.


  • "I'm Doreen Harrows, the factory manager."
  • "This is a private company, you have no business here. You'll find nothing that concerns you, or your war. We make baseball caps and sweatshirts for a celebrity-endorsed clothing line".
  • "I understand your concern about the age of the workers. I, too, was fooled the first time i saw them. They are a lot older than they look. Its the exceptional working conditions. Keeps them looking youthful.''"
  • "You idiot." when getting attacked


  • Doreen's remarks about her Arulcan sweatshop making a "celebrity-endorsed clothing line" for a TV star named "Mary Lynn" is a slightly-dated joke by Sirtech referencing the 1996 scandal surrounding TV host Kathy Lee Gifford, who's "Kathy Lee" clothing line was actually being made by child sweatshop labor in Honduras.
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